What’s Tom’s Price to Carry Genie?

Typical Pilbara scene

Tom Price was some guy who said look at all this dark red rock and said; why don’t we dig it up and sell it? Thus it was done. That’s your history lesson.

Fresh water frolics

We stayed two nights here so that we had time to visit the Hammersly Gorge. which is about all we did when we got there. But what a spot! It is in the middle of this dry, red, scrappy looking land…. then you walk down these kinda dodgey stairs and see this amazing green oasis. Then do a little bit of a class 5 scramble up to this amazing little pool. We all went for a swim at the top pool as the water flowing into it was slightly warmed by the sun. Tim and i went in the bottom pool but it was so cold it made you body ache. there was warnings about hypothermia on the signs there. So even though it looked like a great lark to swim down through that bottom gorge, I had a funny feeling if I had attempted it I would not have returned.i saw a couple of French tourists do it , but you know how they are and lets face it we are always bound to lose of few them each year anyway.

Thge amazing tiny pool that fed into the bigger one.
Photo taken by ze French tourist who swam down ze gorge nefer to be zeen again (by us)
using the water proof camera
You can see the little grotto up to the middle right
Bottom shiver worthy pool looking down the see ya later gorge
My hOmage to Jaquie O . The net is on it’s way back. you heard it here first
Looking down toward the icy pool
There was rocks there
Class 5 bush walking bit
Tim and I gave it a bit of a go but it is at around this point when I am thinking I’m too young to die.

Modelling my new Karajini bucket hat (was going to get a t-shirt but I picked it up thinking it was 33 dollars (not wearing my specs) when I got it close enough I saw it was 88. Don’t think so

After leaving Tommy to his dust we went to another part of the Karijini National Park called Dales Gorge. We didn’t book early enough to get in the cool kids camp site so we had to stay at the ‘overflow’ campsite 9 ks from the gorge (near the bin trailer). The gorge was just fanamazing and greeneriffic. It really feels like such a special place.

some of the 274 steps down to Fortesque Falls in Dales Gorge
View from the steps
looks delicious – layer upon layer yum yum
No prizes for guessing who was grumpy
Fern Pool above the falls
More Frenchy tourists who were determined to survive. can you see Lou in the water on the yellow noodle under the waterfall
A wall of maiden hair fern… beat that Jamie Drury
We took the walk down the gorge to Circular Pool
Circular Pool (I would’ve called it Oblong Pool)
This is what it’s like above the gorge. What a contrast!

We met up with Alex and Justin there so Lou had a friend to hang with and we had dinner at their site the first night because we had booked a special Remtrack star night where they set up these good telescopes and tell you about the stars. Oh my goodness how good was that! I could rant and rave for hours about the stuff I learned AND SAW!! Wowsers! I have been admiring the stars when we the chance to stay at places other that silly old van parks. So it was so good to hear about the satellites. I’m always seeing and checking the difference between planets in the night sky and stars.

Special moon pic that the guy took through the telescope using my phone. Don’t you want to go out and buy a good telescope? Can I borrow it when you do.

These are the only shots you are going to get of Port Hedland becase we are here for one day only and leaving at 7 am. Good bream here.


  1. STUNNING WOW SO MUCH GORGEOUS SCENERY IN THE GORGE!!! I am yelling cos I am so amazed lol I really need to go West.
    Enjoy and thank you for showing us more of our beautiful country xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Danny. What a wonderful trip you and your family are having!! Such a great education for your kids. Better than school 😁😁
    Gayle @ Aspley

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loving those geological shots Danny – I’m excited by that strata!. There’s some lovely family shots there, too, mate – you’ll have albums and albums of great memories AND total synaptic neuron recall (well maybe not you, mate…) to fall back upon. The West is truly amazing!


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