About Us

Here is a hodge podge of things that readers should know.

Sketchy Details / Itinerary

We have some notion of where we are are going (around the outside [generally]) and when we have to be at certain locations. Our first booking is at Yamba over Christmas then we are meeting friends at Woolgoolga near Coffs for New Year. After that we head for Tamworth via Bellingen to arrive sometime at the end of  January. We have other friends to see at Gosford where we will base ourselves while we catch up with Sydney peoples.  The next date is a firm one as it is the date we are booked on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry (24 Feb). We go back to the mainland on the 30th March and have two days to get Tim to Canberra in time for him to meet up with his school trip. Monja’s little brother lives near Bunbury WA so we are expecting to be there sometime in May. Then we have 3 months to get home.

Inside … outside    They’re completely different. We are tending to the outside bits. No not the on ocean but near it.

Soz (new word for sorry according to Lou)

Apologies to all those people who believe that grammar is a precious thing and shouldn’t be mucked with. I have it on firm advice that as long as people know what you mean, you’re communicating (see the Oxford Dictionary under communication). And my way of communicating seems fine to me from my end because I’m busily saying it in my mind as my stubby fingers madly jab the key board like a numbat at a rotting log full of juicy termites. You will also find that I love using brackets for those little asides, (I’m hoping they don’t upset you).

brackets- nothing to be scared of here. Embrace the bracket as it embraces you.

Cast of characters

Louella (Louie,  Lu Lu)     Lou is an appreciator of the fine artistry to be found in LOL dolls.  She’s got the bounce back of a resistance band. Being born in 2010 means it’s easy to remember how old she is. She tends to aim for the cute and clever niche and she’s not afraid to go the grumble when the occasion calls for it.

Timothy J

Timothy (Tim)     According to his dad Tim is an old fashioned bon vivant. Emerging from the primal nothing in 2007 he has spent the intervening years learning to walk, talk etc and now has a skill set that is the envied throughout the northern suburbs.

just hanging

Monja (Moonja, Monmon)      Monja is the organiser and detail stickler. Not a natural camper, she was swayed by the fact you can have a toilet on board. Her goal is to make friends with the outdoors as long as there’s no bugs and somebody has swept up and kept it tidy. She doesn’t like having her face on the internet, (something about a previous life as an international jewel thief) so you may see other sides of her or she may be in disguise.

me proving my tongue isn’t blue. As for the other guy, he kept his mouth shut.

Danny ( The D-Man, Danstoyesky)   I see myself as an absent minded stumbler into good fortune and delightful eccentric. I have set myself the goal of posting at least 2 times a week to improve my writing. You under no obligation to read it. I’ll make sure there’s some nice pictures.

Our Frankie enjoying the sunrise. He’s not part of our equipment but he’s a good dog


 We have no shortage of stuff include a whopping big car that is almost new (and if you’ve seen what we do to cars, having a near new one is a bit scary), and a huge van that it took us eight months to buy. It’s New Age Big Red series 21 double bunker that came with an annex that the previous owners tell us we probably won’t put up much. One of my greatest ambitions has come true with the purchase of a UHF radio for the car. That’s a big ten nine rubber duckie and I’m expecting to use it to recreate CW McCall’s magnificent hit (CONVOY!) from the hey day of the CB radio craze in the eighties. But surely my greatest buy for this trip was the $50 Aldi drone that I am certain I will use to record  amazing scenes for browsers to enjoy. What could go wrong? Ten four big buddy

here’s the high end drone. I told it to leave the box but the voice command software doesn’t seem to be working.