Caped Ranger

When we were at Bunbury we booked a site at Cape Range National park. It is very difficult to get a spot and we booked one of the last available ones. Still it was a lovely possie. We stayed a night at Exmouth beforehand, filled up the water and got some groceries. Our door handle had kicked the bucket so I also managed to go to the caravan shoppe and get a new one……….. and put it in ……all by myself! God I’m clever. And I learned many years ago to read the instructions first.

Our site at Bungarra campsite

As per Alan’s instructions (and many other people) we snorkelled Turquiose Bay the first day. The video does no justice. We saw turtles and octopi changing colour. The amount of life down there was amazing. You could pass over the same spot and see something different each time. The small colourful fish hiding in the coral were my favourites. We snorkelled Oyster Stacks the next day and went to Yardie creek and the Osprey campsite that was right next to us. The kids loved snorkelling and we all had such an incredible experience. Unforgettable and the kids actually admitted that they were having a great time, even though we were at a spot that had no phone reception, Wifi or electricity (but they don’t want to have to put up with these deprivations again of course). Another sight was the huge cuttlefish we saw changing colour AND skin texture. Amazing! Of course on that occasion i had forgotten to put the memory card in the camera! Bad luck for you, but I was there live and there is just no match for that.

So sorry about the terrible camera work. I thought I edited out the worst of it. Obviously not.
clam up

We had an off grid pizza night while we were there. It was a bit of work but turned out well. While we were eating two little native mice came along and were very interactive. They had long tails with a little fuzzy bit at the end. So cute.

I put the camera down and this guy couldn’t resist
Luxury camping

We went for a walk one third of the way up Mandu Mandu gorge. Great spot.

Hitch hikers. BTW the number plate was like that when I bought it.

I got a little fishing in on the last morning and managed to keep myself entertained with a few fish. Put them all back.

We left for Karajini and stopped at Nanutarra Roadhouse for an over nighter after 4 hrs driving. This is the Ashburton River.

Sunrise over the diesel tank

Rock formations on the way from Nanutarra to Tom Price.

Tom Price and Karajini next. Look them up so you know what they look like.


    • Really pleased to know that you got to Turquoise Bay. It was the absolute highlight of our trip in 2003. Also great to know that the kids realise that it is possible to live without phones. They are getting the greatest education possible in the greatest classroom in the World – the Australian outdoors. Safe travel for the rest of your trip. Alan N.


      • Thanks Alan. Hope you and Shirley are well and gearing up for another trip. The bay was great. So glad we heard about it. There has been a risk for this whole trip that we might have gone round Australia from van to park to van park. Kids can’t live without mobile phones apparently? WHo knew.


  1. Yay, I’ve finally caught up to you guys! Love the little hopping mouse – perhaps a Spinifex mouse?
    Are you heading inland to TP for a bit of a tour around the mine (opened the year I was born!) and some other Pilbara exploration? How are you going to cope with being away from the water?!!
    Safe (and not to dusty) travels, Martins!

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