Crossing the Line

Carnarvon, Waroora and Coral Bay

Sunrise at Waroora
Different sunrise when you’re in a Carnarvon van park.
Our next spot was so much better.

The line we crossed was the Tropic of Capricorn. This is how it happened. (Danny) : These people ahead of us must be backpackers or something. They’re doing 80 in a 110 zone. So annoying. (Monja): Yeah. (Danny): Oh thank gawd they’re pulling into that rest area. See ya later suckers. Was that a brown sign in at that spot? (Monja) Yeah I think it said Tropic of Capricorn. (Danny) Should we go back and get a photo? (everybody) NO.

The dish that heard the moon walkers

We stopped in Carnarvon long enough to get the wheels aligned and get some shopping and washing done. Our one touristy thing was a visit to the place where they helped with communications during the moon landing. And we got a cheap Jaycar version of a gopro.

Lou twiddling dials like a champ.
We got to do a simulated lift off. (they gave me the Elvis style jumpsuit.)
Space Cadets

We went to a wilderness bush camp called 14 Mile. It is a part of Waroora station. We caught up with Justin, Alex there and they had managed to talk the caretaker to giving us a spot on the beach! It was a bit windy at times but most of the time it was very pleasant.

dawn on the beach
Termite mound on the way in. a rough road but we managed to get the van in there.
Crabby old bloke
I got a squid but as you can see I had to wade a fair way in so I could cast to the right spot.
One of the other campers took Justin and I out in his tinnie close to the reef. There was fish everywhere. I kept this golden trevally and a weedy emperor. I had a spangled emperor on the line and a big shark took it as I was reeling it in!

We did a day trip into Coral bay for some snorkelling and to see some spangled emperor get fed in the fish sanctuary.


Here is my first trail with the waterproof camera. The start is at Waroora station and the end is at Coral Bay.

It wasn’t me. I didn’t go anywhere near it


  1. Looks lovely and I must admit that I had no idea that Carnarvon had anything to do with NASA moon landings! Some interesting underwater work with the natty new gizmo – I’ll look forward to some better audio so we can hear some of those Dad jokes in situ!
    WA does seem to be a big beautiful place. There will be some work colleagues from WA who haven’t explored as thoroughly as the Martins – they’ll be so jelly!
    Keep on truckin!


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