Cargo Brrm Brrm

Town Beach Broome WA

Yes! We took our brmm brmm car to go to Broome (Boom boom).  The weather was a very balmy 30 degrees there and it’s a reasonably picturesque spot. But it does have a touch of the Byron Bays about it. The tourists per square metre density is high. I suppose we did land there during the WA school holidays which means it’s extra dense. But you can feel when a place is starting to lose it’s original charm because everyone and their dog is headed there. It’s still very charming though and unlikely to ever get as completely sold out as Byron. It’s just too isolated.

Historic jetty that ends very abruptly

Our site was okay except for these rowdy, obnoxious neighbours……….. Ha ha Pete and Ange did I get you! We were on a tiny site but because it was just next to our shiny new friends Pete and Ange, it was much more bearable as we set up our table on their site (lucky them) and generally harassed them. Kids were very happy to have Fin to hang out with. We went on a tag team camel ride the first afternoon which was a hump we had to get over. They were dromedary flavour with blue sashes (the camels that is). I was on one called Amos with Lou. It was very high up and more swingy than a belly dancer’s hips but we managed to stay on and have a good time.

Pre Camel – Buns in tact
Both teams and a walk in on the right
Pete and Fin ahead
Monja and Tim (hanging on for dear life) behind.
Camel ride cliche on Cable Beach

There is no easy place to fish in Broome, that I could find (shame about that hey Fin). The huge tides make it all the more tricky.  But the main street has an interesting character and charm. Although it could do with a better public toilet ratio. The second night we had the families together to eat at the nearby pub and Pete and I stayed for the state of origin. The place was packed but it was a good night apart from the result.

This is the classic outdoor cinema in Broome

Justin, Alex and their kids turned up the day after Pete and Ange left so Lou had more play time. We went to a night market that was fairly choco block but kinda interesting. I took Lou down to the beach two afternoons for a nice swim and a body surf. There were ‘beware of the crocs’ signs, but I managed to talk her into going in anyway. We only had 4 nights in Broome, which we tried to extend, but the computer said ‘no’ – there’s no room at the inn.

Nice little waves to body surf. Cable Beach
Sunset drinks
Last night in Broome with Alex, Justin, Jake and the kids. The weather had been perfect since we headed north

Our next booking was a long way away at Kununurra. We did a big day driving and stopped at a 24 hr highway rest area called Ngumban Cliffs. It was good enough for our purposes and had great scenery. Lou got a small group of grey nomads to play the “I went to the shop and bought……..” game. You take it in turns to add an item from A thru to Z and you have to remember what each person said. I don’t know that they all enjoyed it, but I found it amusing.

A tiny parking area to stop and have a break on the long 4 or 5 hour drive days. It’s amazing how much rubbish is always left at these places. Why? What are people thinking? Who does this?
24hr Parking area called Ngumban Cliffs half way between Broome and Kununurra. Great views from here. You just pull off the highway and find a spot.
looking across the highway from Ngumban Cliffs
The sun slowly sets beside the stinky, lockless, long drop toilets


  1. Hi travellers, thanks for your view of Broome. I watched “Going places with Ernie Dingo” and he found a group of volunteers that have found dinosaur footprints. Did they advertise that at all? I think they are trying to keep it secret but hey now it has been on tv I don’t like their chances lol. The scenery is starting to become familiar of the top end as they call it so enjoy the red dust and termite mounds!!!! It is a tradition along the way to or back from Darwin to dress them (you will see what I mean, and thank goodness as it kept me awake as I enjoyed the different outfits of such welcoming roadsiders lol) Looking forward to seeing more of the west.
    Kazza xxxx


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