Ayr Sailean

I titled this post Ayr Sailean because that was the name of the place we stayed and it seemed strange enough on it’s own so I didn’t muck with it. Once again we followed some good advice from Alex and Justin who told us about this place that they had found.  It was a lovely little spot on a sheep farm that had a caravan/camping area. It was so green with trees and each spot had it’s own fireplace.

So many tall grass trees

On the way here we stopped at Denmark to see princess Mary etc and eat a sandwich by the river. We are getting better at making stops on the way to different places and all the little towns you pass through always have a caravan parking area (although you have to be quick as sometimes they are full of caravaners).

We went for a day trip to the tree top walk near there. It is the place where you used to be able to drive your car through the tree. The huge trees are a variety of eucalypt called a Tingle tree (obviously after they flower they produce fruit tingles). They have huge buttressed bases and grow very tall. All the driving through here has been through verdant forests of huge trees (Karri usually). It reminds me a lot of northern New South Wales before it got loved to death.  We followed the trees up with a special outdoor art walk that has been set up near Walpole. It is a 400 m circuit with works all the way around that are around the theme of nature. It was probably funded by some multinational logging firm.

Bouncy sections of the tree top walk
Grandma Tingle
Arty stuff

I did some exploring and fishing on the coast here and found some stunningly picturesque spots and a few fish. I went to Peaceful Bay (20 minute drive away) and managed, (with a little local advice) to snag a King George whiting. Catching one of these has been on my bucket list since South Australia and now I can say I have literally bucketed one. I went to another beach called Greens Pool, which was even more picturesky. I found a little spot here where there were all sorts of little fish grabbing your bait as soon as you cast it in. I kept a couple of the herring from there. They are popular eating, but I just froze the ones I got so I can use them as bait at some stage.

Peaceful Bay
Raymond the fish soon turned into …
Sushi by magic
Greens Pool
Darren the herring now at home in the freezer

We left the next day and headed for Margaret River. More amazing scenery and a chance to stop at Pemberton to go to the national park and climb the Glouster Tree. It’s the second highest forest fire lookout in the southern hemisphere. The kids went part way up, but it was very high (52m) and challenging, so I was the only one who made it to the top. Thing is my thighs have been complaining loudly ever since and I have had to groan every time I go to sit down.

Pretending they have just got down

It is another farm stay for us here at Margaret River and Justin, Alex and their kids were still here when we arrived so the kids have been very pleased so far. More about it on the next post.   

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  1. OMG I wouldn’t have attempted that tree… NO WAY!!!!! Good work Danny. Looks like you are keeping the family fed so that is great. xx
    Kazza xxx

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