Ma Great River

Big camp kitchen

The Big Valley caravan park is about ten minutes east of Margaret River township and is actually a sheep, chook and guinea pig farm. The coast along this part of the state is very adjectival (positive adjectives).   This part is like a nodge on the bottom of Western Australia. The bottom of the nodge, (yes I made it up but it fits and I believe that soon everyone will be using it; and I would not be surprised to find that Jim Davies already uses it), is the adjectivally clustered Cape Leeuwin and the top nodge is the just as adjectival Cape Naturaliste.

communal fire pit
our set up
Road in to campsite

We spent seven days here and so got to see the area in some detail. When we got here we knew that Justin and Alex were here so we were thinking maybe we should make sure we are in the same section but we didn’t know their last name so we just took what they gave us and we ended up in the site next to them anyway. So Lou spent the first couple of days hanging out with Melita and Zane in the guinea pig enclosure (the owners here know their market). There is guinea pigs and chooks wandering around all over the place and as I was having my early morning cuppa in the camp kitchen I heard someone behind me so turned to say hello to my fellow campers only to discover it was a bunch of sheep. Lots of trees and shade add to the jenny say qwah (excuse my French).

Sheep guarding a pot of gold
Margaret River mouth

We took the Caves Road, (guess what is has along it), down to Augusta one day. Stopping at spots like Hamelin Bay. Where the pied piper has been, but this time he whistled up huge stingrays instead of rats and children. And out to Cape Leeuwin where you can drive around the carpark of the overpriced lighthouse and see the Southern Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other.

Hamelin Bay. Famous for having huge stingray swim along the very edge of the beach…..Why?
Water wheel at Cape Leeuwin
Augusta Fish n chips.
Redgate Beach
Karri Forest

Another day we did the drive up to Dunsborough and Cape Naturaliste and found a great sushi place as well as amazing views. We finished the day at the famous Simmo’s ice creamery. More amazing, peaceful beaches than you could poke a 12ft surfboard at.

Canal Rocks
Coffee break
Yallingup. There was lots of surfers all along this coast
Top of the nadge Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

This part of WA is named with lots of ups—Yallingup Gnarabup, Nannup, Boranup, Kudarup. So in Brisbane, if you used the same grammatical emphasises you’d have places like Brightonup, Sandgateup, Boondallup, Banyoup etc etc.   I assume it is due to the local aboriginal dialects and their influences. I am writing to the local council to suggest they rename the area The Uplands. I won’t get all pushy or morose with them; I’ll keep it upbeat. I will nominate new town names they can ‘up’ grade. I am sure they’ll need them as the popupulation is going you know where – Shard, Niece, Sumptons, Wyatts. If you would like to sUPport me you can…. it’s up to you.


  1. Hey travellers, great to see Margaret River I have always wanted to go there. I bet the kids loooooved the guinea pigs so that was a great bonus I bet.Thank you for sharing your awesome trip xxxx
    Kazza xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope you visited a couple of those brilliant MR breweries, mate, so much great beer to be had around the Nodge.
    Coolest stingray photo’s ever!
    Guinea Pig farm? Are we going all south American are we?
    Till next time!


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