Al Barney NOT Hall Bennie!

Rock shaped bridge or bridge shaped rock? You be the judge.

Don’t say it like ALLLbany because that will highlight the fact that you’re a blow in east coaster, (and someone might put their drink on you), have to get that AL sound out at the start. Anyway it is yet another gorgeous town on the southern WA coast. It was actually settled before Perth. A beautiful place and surprise surprise there’s rocks here too, just like the rest of the country. But the rocks here just seem to pop up beside the road as you drive down the street, very charming. There is the Dog Rock shopping centre and all. You’ve gotta love a place that knows how to embrace their rocks.

Pop Rocks
Set up at Big 4 Albany

We spent a day looking round town and going to the ANZAC memorial (it was the first place in Australia to have a dawn service and a lot of ships took troops from here). We also took a tour through the Amity which is a replica of the brig that bought the first European settlers to the area.

King George Sound
Amity with pirates waiting to board her aggrrrhhhh
Thonged landlubber
Part of the booty from the last raid
We had to pay $7 to go through but it was well worth it.
Very tidy, but the sign said it was a mess?
Any chance to pat something furry

Next day we went to this guy’s property to see his chainsaw sculptures. In the afternoon we went for a walk down the beach and played in the playground. It was a bit wet and windy here but that didn’t stop us from going to The Gap and Natural Bridge which are……. you guessed it rocky things along the coastline here. Very impressive.

This guy made a trunk call and got stuck
She wanted to be an actress but they said her performance was too wooden.
Avid photographer
This is what she saw
Long way down
Natural Bridge
To the Brighton people … this is Monja talking to you guys on the phone. Such a multi tasker.
Leave you camera in the back seat of the car with the kids and this is what you get.

We caught up with Justin and Alex for our first night here too so we had a tiny party in the ‘quiet room’ above reception for my birthday and had cake. Kids had lots of fun.


  1. Happy Birthday Danny. Wow lots of rocks. Looks like a lovely place. I bet you haven’t worn a jumper so long lol.
    Yet again a good blog. Happy travels xxx
    Kazza x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the sculpture Park, Danny, does he actually do any that aren’t fixed in place – have you now got a carved wooden figurehead for the front of the truck?
    Still loving those photos – beautiful shots. Does look like it’s getting a bit wintertime chilly!
    Happy travels,


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