Breezy Bremer bay

We thought it was going to take three hours to get to Bremer Bay .. Buh bahh…. Don’t know how we got it so mixed up, but it took the best part of five and half hours. Though we did arrive into a beautiful sunny afternoon spreading over this delightful little seaside town.  There was grass! I can’t recall the last time we had a site that had grass on it. We could also pay for a fire pit and us pyromaniacs can’t walk past that sort of opportunity. 

Tim’s loves his spuds

There was a drive along the coast from here called the Point Henry drive and it had some nice little spots along it. One of them was a little boat harbour with a jetty and when we looked into the water it was full of fish, so I thought I better get the rod out The kids and I all had fun catching these little fish called skippies. They were legal to keep at 25cm and every one we caught was 24cm. But they’re good little fighters and Louella had a chance to develop her own special fishing technique. She calls it the land the fish then scream and run technique. Loud but apparently effective. Lou and I went back that night and had a great time catching some enormous squid and little herring. 

Boat harbour

The next day we went for a walk along the shoreline and at one point we passed by a fish cleaning station and it was full of people cleaning these enormous salmon. I threatened them with some of my dad jokes if they didn’t tell me where they got the fish. So I headed straight there at the next nearest possible moment and had the best fishing time ever catching these enormous fish. It was the day before my birthday so I took my new bigger rod out to give it a try out. It was up to the task and just as well because my other rods were too small.

Lou smells something funny
40cm ruler under the fish
Squid ink on the ground and Lou concentrating

In an effort to be picked for the next Olympics we have been holding our own family frisbee tournaments when we are somewhere that has space. And this spot had a huge play area right next to our site. Enjoy the action shots.

The zen of frisbee
Total commitment by the champ
ballet style grace
All you need is the right facial experience

My birthday was the next day so I opened some presents and cards and the kids promised they would behave and we drove to Albany and had lunch at a delicious Chinese restaurant.

one of my own children stealing my birthday noodles


  1. Hope you had the best birthday! Fishing, catching squid of all things, & Chinese noodles, sounds like a fabulous day!!! Gorgeous family fun photos, keep up the great work sharing travel stories & photos. Especially frisbee action shots xxxooo

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  2. Yet another great blog. Fishing and frisbies how great to have such an amazing talent you can come home and teach us all. Happy Birthday Danny and I bet it will be the most memorable for many years.
    Great shots, how beautiful is our country??!!!!
    Kazza xxxx

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  3. What a way to celebrate – family, feasting AND big a–e salmon catch! Sounds like another amazing day in WA – maybe the kids are finally warming to this travelling caper?


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