Why Al her? Cow Elle

We had a four hour drive time to Whyalla so we stopped at Port Germaine for lunch and a rest. It has the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. And we walked the first two metres of it being the enthusiastic exercise takers we are.

At Whyalla we went to a lookout with a gun in case of attack. And I went out at a rising tide to ‘Rake’ for crabs. I only got one but it is late in the season and I left it until the silly the tide was coming in so I was out there muck raking but the little devils were hard to corner when the water was up to your privates.

We went for a walk in a local ‘wetlands’ that was like where they put their sewage water after they had treated it. But it was good because there was a play ground.

We slipped an hour down the road to Cowell for the next night. We got there early and although it was windy and yuck, I still managed to get a few whiting from the jetty with the help of some local advice.

We are now at Coffing Bay (ahem, it is a phlegmatic place) and the weather is great so I am off on a walk to look for oysters.


  1. All the metal slides – bum burners in the heat, surely!? Glad u got some fishing in, mate, but it all looks a bit desolate… (the countryside not the Martins!). Looking forward to more adventures in the coming minutes!

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