Gor Law err

Moonset at sunrise

We got to Gawler by default because it was hard to find a place that wasn’t booked out over Easter. We are staying at the Gawler Gateway Park so it is not really in Gawler, (which is a charming little place) but on the main road between Gawler and Elizabeth, so not the middle of nowhere, but just to the south of it. We booked out all the Easter public holidays here to be sure we had somewhere during that busy time. South Australia is dry as tea towel in a share house at the moment so it’s all brown and dusty.

We went into town on our first day and Monja booked a hair appointment while the kids and I cruised the op shops. Gawler is the second oldest town in SA, so has lots of stone buildings which give it character. It is also the main route to the Barossa and the traffic makes crossing the road a game of chicken.

Cheeky. Some german botany enthsuiast planted the place out with Moreton Bay Figs in the late 1800’s. There is more here that at home??
The Para River runs …. err trickles……. err dusts through Gawler. Note the empty SA crab pot.
Yes they sell cars here too….. amazing
Old Uncle Jim built some factories that put Gawler on the 1800’s map.

We spent Good Friday at an amazing playground at St Kilda beach. The kids had fun. It’s good to get them moving sometimes.

Three level slide tower
A hill of slippery dips.
There was a huge flying fox that the kids loved.
Cool Pirate ship at playground
Right place right time
I walked this and tried to fish…… stupid idea in hindsight.
lookin at the land lubbers from inside the ship

On Easter Saturday we went to the Barossa. Lots of interesting places there. We went to visit our mate Maggie Beer’s shop. Whaa what a crowd (I suppose it was the long weekend) we tasted all the samples you could and bought some bits and pieces. We got to stand in the kitchen where they filmed ‘The Cook and the Chef’. They have a bit a garden and a pleasant pheasant farm, (did you have to read that twice?). We went into Nuriootpa, (which Monja insisted was pronounced Newry-topia) and had a credible lunch in an old building that a German built in the 1800’s.

At last, a show of our own.
Colin’s olive trees. very fruitful walk.
Checking Maggie’s quinces
Don’t tease the birds
A bird looking pheasantly surprised.
Cafe Von German Guy Built zis Haus
Mr Potato
Doesn’t look quite so gourmet now!
Art somewhere
The Barossa loot.
Easter pressie for Lou. Some silly putty with tiny, annoyoing, fish killing balls.

Since this stop was longer than your average bear I managed to figure out how we could make pizza using the barbeque. Kids were very happy. Me too. I even made fresh dough without the thermo mix.

I know he looks sad but he’s actually happiest boy ever. underneath …it’s just his default camera face, point a lens at him and all he does is glum.

We were supposed to be gone by now but Monja got a funny tummy this morning so we have delayed leaving for Whyalla for a night. It’s a four hour drive so it will be testing, but we have to start practising to take on the Nullabour.

I took the kids to Flipout for the extra day. Thumbs up. But we have to start the school work routine back up. Thumbs down.
Tim foaming at the mouth
Action shot


  1. Hey guys, I am glad you liked my old home town. There is a t-shirt you can get that says “I crossed Murray Street and Survived” (that is the main street of Gawler). Sorry Monja but the correct pronunciation of Nuriootpa is NEW REE OOT PA. Many get the end wrong and say NurioopTa but the locals just call it NURI.
    The landscape is brown at the moment yes…. sadly it is always like that….. very dry place. That is why the Barossa looks better because of the vines.
    I love Maggie Beer and have been to her shop many times, but have to say haven’t got to go in the kitchen as they were usually filming. grrrrr.
    Glad you are having fun still and I am waiting for the report of crossing the Nullabor as I have never done it and I can just imagine the whinging that will start on that journey lol.
    Keep on cruising and enjoy xx
    Kazza xxxx

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  2. That playground looks friggin’ amazing! I’m v jelly of that! I’m also v intrigued by the pottery jug with the transparent base – you gonna get that sort of craft happening when you’re back in Bris?
    Like Karen above, I look forward to the Nullarbor crossing – which I’ll get to in a few minutes…


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