Coffing Bay

Sunrise Coffin Bay (which was named after some old English guy; not an actual coffin or someone with phlegm).
Port Neil

We decided that we would put another nail in Coffin Bay. It was a fair drive from Cow(b)ell so we stopped at Port Neil (named after a guy who couldn’t quite stand up) for a rest. We have realised that longer driving days (over one and a half hours) are much easier to deal with when you have a decent stop somewhere near the middle. It was great weather so we had a good stop and look around (I actually threw in the squid lure… no luck) . 

Jetty at Pt Neil

Coffin Bay itself it far from being the sore throat you might imagine (though the fishing is rubbish). It reminded me of a coastal holiday village rather than the usual ‘this place is here because people used it to ship stuff out of it in the old days’ sort of place. We didn’t too much, just went for a drive to a beach near the national park and for a walk along ‘Oyster Way.’ We found out that all the oysters here are actually bought over as spats from Tassie and just embiggened here (I can’t believe spell check is okay with ‘embiggened’).

He isn’t in danger, I just wanted an action shot.
Vongole but they were too small
Some shelia I ran into the beach
Only the quick will get to see this as soon as Monja spots it she will insist I take it down.
Funny gum nuts
Window into Coffin Bay.

Oysterphiles will know that Coffin Bay is code for ‘very expensive’ in the mollusc world. So I had to try some from the many oyster s(h)ellers there. I got a dozen unopened for $18 which I hope is a bargain as I don’t know how much they usually go for I just know they are out of my usual price range. I just had to shuck around to open them, but that was okay with me. I was more than willing to share them but; boohoo nobody else wanted any.

Hoy stirs
Patrick’s been done away with and here are the culprits

Port Lincoln was half an hour away so I ended up going there twice. Once to do some shopping and the other to take Tim to the cinema to see ‘Avengers Endgame.’  He has been talking about it for a long time now. He was so excited when I told him that I was taking him. Port Lincoln looks like a very groovy little seaside town with a marina full of huge tuna, lobster and prawn boats. The cinema is a real, old fashioned, one screen operation, in a true theatrical building. It even had an ornate ceiling and art deco lights.

Port Lincon jetty
Only The Shadow knows
Bad focus but it was dark and this is the only picture I have of the lights.

I did a little repair job on the Anderson plug, which connects the car battery to the van battery and runs the fridge while we are driving, because it fell out during the trip and was frayed wires by the time we got to Coffin Bay. It is raining here at Streaky Bay where we are at the moment but they need it. We don’t.


  1. Hey travellers,
    Port Lincoln wouldn’t like being called ‘just a little town’ lol Did you know that the Olympic gold winner in Weight Lifting at the 1984 Summer Olympics was Dean Lukin. He is the only gold medallist for Weight Lifting. He was a Tuna Fisherman and trained while hauling huge tuna into the boat by hand. The Lukin tuna business is huge in Pt Lincoln.
    I noticed Monja had odd shoe laces. Is that the spotting???
    Keep on truckin xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well spotted the odd laces .. I need new shoes but Danny doesn’t believe me 😸. Anyways I think he has shared worse photos of me already …


  3. Good old Dean Lukin, his name came up in Hendo’s trivia a few weeks ago! Must also concur with the other blog posters about the mermaid you claimed on the beach. Haven’t been to see Endgame, yet, too crowded, though both the kids have gone with friends – not each other…
    Seems like you’ll have to continue posting pics of Monja, whether she likes it or not, she’s a crowd pleaser!
    Continue the frivolities!

    Liked by 1 person

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