South of the Border – Lakes Entrance

Eastern Beach Lakes Entrance

It took a fair bit of driving to cross the border into Victoria and get to Lakes Entrance. We arrived about two and the kids made straight for the pool and jumping pillow. Lots of room to back the caravan in.

Nice green site.

I did a little fishing in the afternoon and early next day and hooked a good one….. but I tried to rush it in instead of letting the surf help me…. I lost it… so sad.

Evening on Eastern Beach Moonrise
The sun sets to west along the beach rather than over the land
A lousy bait bait stealing crab that got caught in my line. There was lots of them grabbing my bait before the fish had a chance.

After we parked I went around to the bikes to take them of the rack to see that it was almost completely twisted off. It is a bit wobbly. And now it has 3 bikes on it the pressure and constant swaying from one side to the other was too much. Monja rang round and found a mobile welder! Fantastic work by her. He fixed it by welding a couple of new brackets and it looks good now, but it still wobbles because of the way it fits into the tow-bar sleeve at the back of the van. We had a guy pull us over and tell us it was swaying badly and he gave me some rope to secure it on one side, so hopefully it will be alright now.

ooh it looks so sturdy now

We drove to Buchan the next day to check some Buchan caves. These are actually part of the Snowy River National Park. We did a tour through a narrow and interesting cave as a part of a tour group of 20. It got a bit closed in at times but it was good.

Monja is a soft touch with the phone
Calcite drips
Stone age family in cave; from left Gnrr, wArrk and Hgguf

We did a long drive and are now at Inverloch in South Gippsland where it is windy and cold. First time I ever remember wearing a jumper in summer, but I guess that’s just Victoria living up to it’s name.

This pool is fed by the river that goes through the cave system. Water temp is a cool 17 degrees. Tim dipped his head in to see.
Sunrise from a camp kitchen.

Happy Louella’s birthday to all!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday Louella xxxxx gorgeous girl I hope you are having a ball xxxx Victoria changes things with the temperature for sure lol
    Kazza xxxx


  2. Hi Monja, we lived for 18 years in Bairnsdale, you would have gone through it after Lakes Entrance, so this was our old stomping ground. We often went to Buchan and would jokingly say we were driving to Buchan “up the Buchan highway”. We only ever swam in the pool once when we had some English friends staying with us – even they found it freezing! Glad your travels are going so well. Helen


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