In the lock

Went we from Lakes Entrance which is in East Gippsland all the way across and down to Inverloch which is south Gippsland. It took about three hours and the scenery was dead grass and grey skies with a couple of dead wombats on the side of the road to add colour (they had big pink exes on them which is a sign that they have been checked for young in heir pouch).

Inverloch was a Big 4 park as per Louella’s request as it was where we were going to spend her birthday. It had an indoor water park and pool, which is just as well because the whole time we were there it was wet, windy and cold.

Warm, highly chlorinated water park

We spent the next day at nearby Wonthaggi because it had a bigger shopping precinct so that Lou could go and buy up stuff with her birthday cash. She also got to choose meals.

Sushi Lunch as per request
Our amazing little 9 year old
Wonthaggi Birthday cake (lamingtons)

That’s all I have to say about the stop except to mention that now we are in Victoria every second old bloke looks like the Kenny’s dad from the movie Kenny. And the lush green foliage of NSW has been replaced with grey dusty leaves and the type of trees that you get splinters from by just looking at them.

Sausage and pasta keep you young fit and happy

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  1. Happy Birthday Loulou xxxx Hope you had a great day xxx The scenery will improve once you cross the Strait I guarantee it xxx


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