Garden of Eden

The ‘Garden of Eden’ was the name of our park at Eden. All the lanes in the park were called things like Eve, Fig leaf, Adam and Snake; all very appropriate. We drove for one half hours from Narooma through Bega. And I must share an anecdote that occurred on the way. As we rounded the hill and the town of Bega was laid before us in the valley I said ‘Ha, so that’s it… seems quite small…. I thought it would be bega….” Oh yeah! Booya there’s no one to out dad joke me.

We stopped at Cobargo on the way. Great little place
beach looking south

Eden is located at Twofold Bay and is a gorgeous (that’s todays word) place. The kids and the adults were very happy with the gorgeous tree lined caravan park that had a very useful and well stocked camp kitchen, a mini golf course, a TV room, decent WiFi, and a pool.

Twofold Bay

I went for an early bike ride around the lake next us and Lou and I went for swim later on in the morning. The air temperature was a little chilly (max 21 degrees) but the water was about the same or maybe a little less and when it’s cold out it feels less cold in. We had fun with the surfmat.

Boardwalk along the lake beside us

We went to the whaling museum during the day. The history of whaling at Eden is very special because it goes way back to pre-Europen times. There was co-operation between killer whales and humans in the catching of whales here. I saw a fascinating doco about it years ago. If you can find it, I highly recommend it.

Capt’n Tim
Fur Seal skeleton with expert (note the jumper)
Abandon Ship
Tim keeps telling me he’s a big boy. So I put him in front of this so he could see what one really looked like.

We made use of the camp laundry in the afternoon.  I  gave the van a bit of a wash to try to get rid of the dust storm coating.

Fresh smoked mussels from the Eden Smokehouse. Yuuuummmm. BSE (best sanger ever)

We just crossed over to Victoria and landed at Lakes Entrance. This park’s got a pool and a jumping pillow — my dream come true.

One comment

  1. I’m sure you saw how the men caught whales in a tiny boat!!!! No way!!! My memory of Lakes Entrance was guiding a family of swans away from the road, I videoed it and it was hilarious with the adult hissing and pecking at me. Nevertheless mission accomplished!! Enjoy Victoria not long now till the voyage to Tassie woop woop
    Kazza xx


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