My Playground Experience by Louella

By Louella Martin

At the start of my playground experience I jumped on the in-ground jumping castle. Then I swung on the swings. At the end I played on the playground itself.

The inground jump castle was extremely bouncy. I had a lot of fun because I jumped to one pad to the next. There were several of them, but there was a double one I liked the most, because I had a lot of room to bounce.  I had fun.

Now, the swings were so, so high.  So high I had trouble getting on. I definitely could not reach the ground, I stumbled with getting started.  But eventually I got it going and stayed there for two minutes or more. At the end I decided it would be cool to jump off.  So that is exactly what I did. 

At the playground I pretended it was my house.  You went the stairs and landed at the entrance area for your shoes and stuff.  Then there was my room.  Next to was  a bathroom and a laundry with a back door. At my room, there was a slide to downstairs. Downstairs there was a kitchen with a window connecting to the dining room/ lounge room.  Next to the kitchen was a garage/ shop.

I hope you now know these creative and fun playground activities.  This was very nice to write and show you.  Thank you for reading. 


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