Native Dog Creek bush camp

Lots of bush, dry forest with granite boulders. Long drop toilet, no water. We were the only ones there for most of the time. Fireplace and lots of wood.

Native Dog Creek is a part of Cathedral Rocks National Park. I thought it might be good for swimming, being called a creek you know. Turns out it’s more of a trickle and not swim possible. But a great spot to stay overnight.

more rocks
lil flower
some rocks
lil native ground orchid
Jaffle cooked on the open fire. They were very popular.
Tim practising waving a hat at a fire.
I know that bushie
Billy Tea (I cheated and used a teabag)

Ebor falls was a 10 minute drive away

Ebor falls the top part
Ebor falls part 1 and 2
from the other direction

Back to camp for more outdoorsy stuff

chillin in the early sunlight
Moth that loved to hang out in the toilet. The extra eyes making them really creepy. This is the back of the door thus her squashed friend next to her.

Then we drove for an overnight stay at Armidale, stopping at Wooloomoonbi Falls on the way.

Went for an afternoon swim at the Blue Hole at Gara Gorge National Park. We were the only ones there!

got the surf mat out and found a swing you can use to jump in.


  1. You guys are looking very professional at camping now congratulations. You will love Armidale it is so pretty there I loved


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