Moonpar Forest Drive

If you drive out of Dorrigo on the way to Dundurrabin and turn off after Bostobrick you find the Moonpar Forest Drive. The road is dirt and not in good condition but it is a beautiful drive.

Just out of Don Dorrigo (that’s it’s real name- look it up) you pass by the largest collection of railway memorabilia in the world. 77 Steam locos and hundreds of different carriages. You can only see them thru the fence though as they are not yet open to the public because the railway association or whoever have been told they have to redo the road, build a carpark and toilets and pass it through council.

Takes about 20 minutes to get to the turn off.

First stop is the Norman Jolly Picnic area. A remnant of old growth forest, very rare to find these days. Trees are a testament to time.

I made friends with this leaf who came to say hello.
Giant Tallowood
Latest in housing for little bush babies only took hundreds of years to build. It was good to see that this huge tree had fallen rather than been pushed and left to rot naturally as these hollows are an important part of the ecosystem.

You pass over some great little creeks as go along. And the water is always crystal clear.

A steep descent takes you down to the idyllic Platypus Flats Campground. Stunning spot, busy but not too crowded and the camp spots were great. Lots of firewood. No caravans here; way too tricky and the road to get to this downward skid is rocks and corrugations.

2kms to a little stroll through some more incredible trees. Just like the other track through the old growth there was no one else there. So quiet and the air smells so good.

One of the last of the big red cedars that were all over the place. It takes 300 years for them to reach full maturity.

Another little creek running under the road and into a perfect little swimming hole. A hot Saturday on the school holidays but there’s no one about.

Once I got out of the forest I noticed how incredibly blue the sky was and how the clouds were going a little haywire. The first picture shows one that looks like it has a rainbow or an aurora on it’s edge.

Ha! the evil chem trails!! Those pesky Russians or Illuminati or whoever they are

Car did well, I even put it in 4WD for the hairier parts. It’s dirty though, and the back window is NOT dust proof.


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