Heir Lee, Saint Lozza and 40 710 divided by 23.

Airlie Beach has no heir let alone someone called Lee, but it was an extravagance to stay there. You see a few stops back Lou spotted the brochure for a water slide ridden Big4 that is there. We kind of felt that we should agree to stay there just to quell the riot and adjust the hassle level to awful rather than intolerable. The ‘are we there yets?’ came thick and fast. It was a nice place and Airlie is a bustling little tourist mecca. It had lots of stone curlews which are a bit of a novelty for us. But the screeching! It was Father’s Day while we were there so I talked Monja into shouting Chinese for dinner. Super extravagant.

Outside the restaurant Father’s Day
peddle carter extraordinaire
Video Montage dahhlink

We had a long drive after Airlie and stopped overnight at St Lawrence. I know it from weather warnings. They have a low cost campsite at the racecourse that includes a little wetlands behind it. Very cute pub that Tim and I cycled to, although he was attacked (read traumatised) by two different magpies. They left me alone, maybe they know I am a big fan of them. Also the caravan blew a tyre on the way. We all heard the bang but it took about 1 km to find a place to stop.

St L wetalnds

over tired tyre. Not just a small puncture
All wetlands photos above
St Lawrence streetscape
The St Lozza pub. Absolute classic no frills country watering hole. Tim and I were the only customers
Maggie attracting noggin
I never let him have more than 1 beer at a time

Next day we headed to 1770 which, when multiplied by 23 equals 40 710, but you already guessed that didn’t you. Still here as I post this actually. I love it. I want to stay sooo bad. But we have to be in Big Bad Brisbane by Sunday so I can start work on Monday. Trying to just be in the moment. We stopped at Rockhampton to replace the spare tyre. So got here at about 4pm. This place is so beautiful and we are on the beach. I caught a couple of fish too. We went for a fantastic body surf at Agnes Waters. We went on a LARC tour this afternoon and we all loved it. I could stay here a lot longer.

looking along the shore to the van park
These photos are from a great little paperbark forest walk we did
amazing morning tea at a cute cafe 1770
Anges Waters. great beach
LARC ride across the creek and along the beach.
Main street 1770
LARCing about
View from outside our van for those who leave the van. The view from inside is completely different
1770 sunset outstanding
LARC goes for a splashdown.

Off to Hervey Bay via Bundy tomorrow.

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  1. What a journey! Can’t believe you are coming home. Buggar about working on Monday. That’s a bit too soon!?
    Safe travels back to Bris Vegas, been fabulous following your most wonderful adventures. See you soon to hear more awesome travel stories x

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