Tim goes to the Drive-in

Recently I got to go to Tors Drive-In Cinema in Charters Towers, Qld. It was my first time in a Drive-In cinema so I can’t compare it to any others but I really enjoyed it.

The movie started at 6:30pm so we arrived a bit earlier to have dinner at the kiosk. I ordered a hamburger with BBQ sauce. The food didn’t take long to arrive and mine had Tomato sauce on it. I blame it on the lady who was taking the order because she didn’t write sauce specifications on the order.

We went to see Toy Story 4. I thought it had some funny bits in it as well as being great for the whole family. Before the movie started there was an old black and white animated commercial of snacks dancing to advertise the refreshments. I really liked the classic style and it made me feel like I was stepping into the past.

The Drive-In had a small entrance with a booth to check in and purchase tickets. It then expanded to an open space with a screen displayed across the front. At the back there was a Refreshment building serving hot food and snacks, as well as having toilets attached. The rows of parking spaces had speakers on a stand every few meters down that you could detach and take into your car.

 There are a few differences and similarities between the Drive-In and other cinemas. For example there isn’t much difference in the way of temperature due to the snow storm of the aircon and the chill of the night. The Drive-In worked hard and not in vain on the sound system. It was perfect because in addition to the speakers they had set up a radio network for perfect sound. We have a surround sound system in the car and it was perfect for this. A cinema does have advantages such as the weather not mattering and comfortable seats but I really liked the vibe from the Drive-In.

In conclusion I am tossing up between the two and I am not sure how I feel about the superior movie viewing experience. They both have pros and cons and I probably went to a good Drive-In and others are different. The Drive-In wins in snacks because the selection is better with hot food and cheap lollies. I am really glad I got to go to Tors and I recommend it to anyone passing through charters towers.


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