Para Nella and the Mission not impossible

Mena Creek near Paronella Park

When last we heard from our intrepid adventurers (if only you knew) they were headed through the wilds of northern Queensland travelling south for the Spring. That’s when they took a turn inland at Innisfail and visited the magic fantasy kingdom of Paronella Park.  Briefly it was built by a mad Spaniard who was told he’d never be able to do it; so of course he was one of those guys who replied ‘You just watch me.’ An amazing feat when it was originally finished in 1953. The guy loved concrete that’s for sure. Little known fact— originally they were going to call it Paralella Park until it was realised that putting everything in straight lines that never meet would be just too hard.  We only stayed one night but got a chance to do a guided tour in the afternoon and then return for a special night time show. So good! Google it for more info. We camped at the back of the Mena Creek Hotel.

Paronella Park
Looking towards Mean Falls
Kauri Avenue planted in the 1940’s

Bridge across the creek to the Park
Making our way to the night time tour
The music that finished the night
This is the special treat they finished the night time tour with.

Less than an hour away is Mission Beach. You don’t have to pay to go there otherwise they would’ve called it Admission Beach. It is another gorgeous palm tree lined idyll. We did a little walk there and tried to find a cassowary. No luck. Sounds a bit like an Irish girl does it not now? To be sure, I knew a young lass called Cass O’Wary.

Poor Tim got the shock of his life when he went to plug the power in and found this little guy
Mission Beach
Our walk through the fan palm forest
I am a big fan of palms (usually but I am not impressed with Golden Cane)

Genuine, rigey didge Cassowary poo. i found it very exciting, Tim thought it was disgusting
Sunset fishing expidition
No fish

It takes real talent to wear driftwood on your nose.

The way further south takes you through Tully, the land of potential cane knife head crackers called Brett according to certain info I have been given. Anyway as we passed through we did the tour of the sugar mill. It is the only sugar mill that still lets people go through it. Very interesting. We all loved it except for Lou, whose super smelling ability had her holding her nose throughout the tour.

All safteied up

This is what they get when they run all the cut cane past a huge magnet
Who doesn’t love a steamy, hissing factory?
Furnace only burns the waste
Bye bye sugar. It all goes overseas

Mountains as a backdrop to Tully

Downtown Tully


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