Ef En Queuing

Sunrise on tropical Beach

We coasted down from Kuranda to Newell Beach via Mt Molloy. Our only stop being the museum at Mareeba which was really cool, absolutely cost free and had good coffee. We arrived at my second cousin Martin and his wife Denise’s place around lunch time. He was in the same class as me in grade 8 at St James in the Valley. I try to catch up with them at least once every 20 years. And it’s always good. He has a vacant block next to his place where we could keep the van and he had spare beds so we all got to sleep in a real bed for a few nights. It is a great spot with the ocean just across the road and a spectacular view of the mountains out the back

Parked next to Martin’s place. What a view!
Looking out the back of the house across the cane fields to the Great Divide
The Beach across the road from the house
Fishing spot 2 minutes away. I got nothing and it is not as relaxing when you know it is big croc country.
Newell Beach

We went to Port Douglas (20 minutes drive away) the first day as the markets were on. That was followed up with a picnic by the bridge at Mossman and then a walk at Mossman Gorge. It ended up being a little wet but not drenching.

Pt Douglas markets
Pt Douglas dampness
Four Mile beach Pt Douglas
Picnic area Mossman
Mossman Gorge
Martin built this suspension bridge. Clever guy

We booked a tour to the outer reef for the next day and had an wonderful experience snorkelling  Agincourt Reef from a huge pontoon. It ended up being a really busy day and I am sad to say in between listening to instructions having a buffet lunch and a ride in a semi submersible I took very few photos. But I am happy to say none of us were seasick! Boy how things have changed from the days when either of the got motion sick by just looking at a car.

reef no beef
wonky video of our snorkelling at the reef
Semi-sub ride thru the reef
Monja Tim
For those that have always wondered what I’d look like in a lycra suit; wonder no more.

It was a heart-warming stay for us at this beautiful spot. Maybe we should leave it less than 20 years next time. But we had to move on. And on the way to our next stop we visited the workplace of one of Martin’s kids, Laura. She works at the Wildlife Habitat Park near Port Douglas. We went in to see the cute and amazing animals there. 

Wildlife Habitat centre
Very friendly finch
How amazing was it to see these guys close up!
Has anyone or thing ever worn grey better?

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  1. How amazing yet again. You certainly have family in the right spots hey!!!!! Danny I have to wonder if lycra is going to be your new wardrobe major lol
    Great pics and thanks for showing us xx
    Kazza xx

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