Kal n Barry

Kalbarri is on the coast four hours north of Geraldton. It is where the Murchison river hits the Indian ocean (it’s mum said don’t hit! but it just ignored her). It has a national parks all around. Some on the coast and some gorgeous gorges inland ( I want someone to name a gorge either George gorge or Georgia Gorge). Unfortunately there were a few closed for repair (?). The place is thick with sticky little flies but you’ll see we didn’t make it easy for them.

Country is certainly looking much more ‘northern.’
Murchison River
Natures window
Living curtains perhaps
Happiness joy joy. We love the outdoors life!
How cool does this guy look?!! No flies on me.
Tim is taking an ‘ART’ photo of the flies on Mon’s hat
Drippy cave
Rocks. Funny how no matter where you go in Australia, there’s rocks. We rock… our landscape rocks …yeah it’s rocking.
Natural arch nachurally
Big warm smiles…. ahhh
island rock (no i didn’t make that up)

I went fishing in the afternoon. Caught nothing this day but what a fantastic afternoon.

Towards the mouth of the Murchison

The sky changed as the sun set. Had to struggle to take photos AND fish.

Oh my cod! I actually caught one the next day. I put it back …too small and spotty… must’ve been a teenager.

Louie met a couple of other kids at the caravan park and they had a talking corella just outside reception. A great bakery down the road. Kalbs was cool with us.

Results of a no carb diet.


  1. Wow some gorgeous landscapes there. Who invented flies??? What purpose do they have in the ecosystem??? Lucky you found your new head wear hey!!!
    Your findings on NO-CARB DIET leave me with the view that eat and be happy is the way to live lol
    Kazza xxxxx


  2. Love the photos, the colours are just amazing! Always new carbs were pretty important! It’s just a pity I am such an efficient storer of the massive amount of energy they create! My own ever expanding horizon but I am working on the one ab. One at a time I say. Love Ya


  3. Some more gorgeous photos, Danny, looks like some good weather, too! How are you going to choose which one of those Murch River sunsets to develop and hang at home? Some big decisions to be made, young fella!
    Happy travelling,


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