Cervantes and Gero

Cervantes is on the coast two hour north of Perth.

Beach at Hangover Bay

The Pinnacles are nearby. We got there too late to visit the ‘interpretation’ so I know nothing about how they came to be. maybe the state government installed them as a tourist attraction. If they did well done to them.

Ran into these people while I was there.
Pinnacle of Monja’s tourist experience

They have stromatolites at a lake close by. Look them up for the story.

Highlight of our visit to the famous Lobster Shack We did the factory tour.

intrepid traveller
replaying a scene from a movie


Geraldton is a few hours further north and is a nice enough place. It’s bigger and has a large port that handles minerals (when the price is right) and grains.

I ran this down first thing. Great start.

We went to the Gero museum and learned about all the Dutch shipwrecks up this coast. Very interesting. The Batavia was wrecked on the Abrollos islands. If you don’t know this story, you should look it up sometime. Fascinating and sinister.

Plateau Why don’t they call it an escarpment?
HMAS Sydney memorial
Lighthouse that might have been the one The Waifs were on about in that song
Sunset Beach at sunset.

After starting the process of mutual recognition for my teaching degree in late April? at Steaky Bay, I finally got the all clear to work in WA schools. I got a day at Allendale primary in Geraldton. It has been too grueling to go through all this process and costly in time, stress and money. Hopefully i will get more work as we move through the state but I can’t imagine it being worth it. It’s a long story.

We didn’t swim but the weather is definitely warming up.


  1. Great photos Dan – did you really knock the sign over? I hope not, make we worried about the past few months and one the ones to come and exactly what skills you have picked up?? Supersavers has 50% off designer until the end of the month so you can look cool while avoiding obstacles!


  2. Looking good Martins – but don’t let Danny get a contract at a local school – the Shazzas need him back in Brissy to get ourselves some trivial glory!


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