Cuz Land

We arrived at the house Grabowski ruled over by Lord Micha and Lady Kristie. Whence we did arriveth I doth took advantage of the wifi to catch up upon the much talked about last episodes of Game of Thrones lest I shoyld fall upon foul usurpers who might want to tellth me way too much and spoil it. Thus this leading (or perhaps misleading) paragrphe soundeth so beguiling. The two young heirs to the house of Grabowski be eth the young maiden Cheylea and the young Master Seth. These twoeth be thick as theives with the young members of the house of Martin and so a great time of merriment was had by all. The Grand Dame matriarch Anne-Kathrin of Omi was in attendance to ensure that all rituals were adhered to.

The household hounds
Cuz Seth takes the mark

Overall we have had a nice refit here in many ways. I took the van to a van place and they checked it all and fixed some things and repacked the bearings. And it has been a chance for everyone to stretch out and sleep in real beds and play games on real telies and sit on real couches and cook in real ovens and overstock real fridges and leave wet towels lying around on real bathroom floors. But we have not been lucky with the weather. After the first few days, which were perfect autumnal days in any location, the windy, squally rubbish set in and kinda stayed for a few days and has half cleared but not gone away.

Omi at the table
Seth playing a game

We squeezed in a visit to Busselton before things got really bad and took a ride on a driverless bus, and saw some artsy things.

No driver, just a guy with a XBox controller
old Busselton buildings

We visited Gnomesville.(?)

Live full size gnomes

We took the boys to an adventure place with zipline and tree top courses.

We wanted to; go to Perth, Rottnest, Mandurah the Dolphin centre and a few more places, but what we actually did was hunker down in the house and cook and eat. When we weren’t cooking and eating we were talking about what we were going to cook and eat next.

silly galahs

Making our way north to the warmer weather to tilt at windmills in Cervantes. Dream the impossible dream.


  1. What a great report in from you guys!! Was wondering when we woukd hear about the next adventure. You look like you are all having an amazing time. Keep enjoying yourselves! xx (Annette)

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  2. Hey that looked great. Good to see you were bailed out of jail Danny lol I bet seeing Omar would have been great too. I’m sure bunking down for a while was great too as going non-stop can be a challenge at times. Waiting for the next adventure.
    Kazza xxxx

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  3. Looks like heaps of fun was had. Always wanted to go on one of those flying fox things. Too late now, my weight would probably having yee old arse scraping on the ground for some severe gravel rash! Miss you all heaps and can’t wait to see you when yo get back. You’re doing a great job make sure you come back safe. Oh, message from Frankie (whine!) Love Ya Rita


  4. I remember Gnomesville! I went there with both my kids over 10 yrs ago. Still looks very …. gnomey…
    Glad you got to get off the road and have a bit of a chillax, pity the weather didn’t allow for much more touristy stuff. Louise and I (and the kids!) stayed at Bussleton on the aforementioned trip and we thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Keep taking those great photos!


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