What keeps you warm?

Ceduna Jetty

What keeps you warm? It’s za doona of course.

foreshore at Ceduna

Our last South Australian dalliance was in Ceduna, which is designated as the eastern end of the Nullabour. Our site was just across the road from the water and a short walk to the jetty. So that was good for me as I got to go fishing on a few occasions. I managed to land a squid and, after some experimentation with technique, I worked out the how to catch the trevally that hang around near the jetty. That was good fun and I crumbed and fried the calamari and ate a little of the trevally (I had to give most away as I am the only one us that is currently eating fish, even though it tastes so good when it’s fresh). I also found some big oysters growing beneath the jetty. I could’ve stayed there a few more days very easily.

Jetty Sunset
Trevor the trevally
Boris the squid I ended up giving him a ring or two
Local doing a jig at low tide. There quite a few seagulls doing this funny dance at low tide.

We spent some time at Ceduna working out what driving snacks we needed for the Nullabour and eating our fresh fruit and vegies because you can’t take no contraband across the border. So we walked around a bit and hung out at the Foodland (proudly South Australian) and filled the car with the last of the reasonably priced diesel.

I had to take a picture of this dog in a campervan
Clever children
very smart

I am in the wars. As I was getting the air pump out of the generator box at the back of the van the lid viciously bit my finger.  Stupid tyres were at the right pressure anyway! I also broke a tooth (or should I say a filling as that one was more filling than tooth) and there was no dentist open on the Saturday and Sunday we were there. So I have made an appointment with a dentist in Esperance and can eat slowly and carefully until then.



  1. OUCH!!!! So it is goodbye SA and off across the Nulla hey!!! I haven’t been across there so it will be interesting to see what it is like. I think Danny won’t want to end this trip with the numerous fishing opportunities lol I forgot to mention an iconic confectionery you could have bought at Foodland. Menz Fruit Chocs which are balls of apricot covered in chocolate and are scrumptious…. oops sorry!! Looking forward to the next blog
    Kazza xxxx

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