Port Macquarie review (By Tim)

Tim’s second blog

Port Macquarie is a great place to go on a short holiday or for a long holiday depending on what you are comfortable with. There is number of cool things about it and I will go into some detail for you so that you know what to look out or next time you’re there. I will focus on three main things: the museum, the park and the Beachside Caravan park.

The museum is cool. It had QR codes in front of all the displays that would take you to a website where you could listen to someone explain what the things were and how they were used.  If you didn’t have your own earphones, they had free ones.  They had clothes that people wore in the past that you could try on and wear.  They smelled musty and old but were fun to try on.  

Mum trying on some oldie clothes

The council park (CHA CHING! FREE WIFI!!) had a big fig tree that was good for climbing.  They also had a swing, a sandpit and some monkey bars.  Next to the park there is a great walk along the beach where all the rocks are painted, and you can see the ocean. You can also have a lovely swim in the water at the end of the walk.  The park was also conveniently placed next to a fish and chip shop as well as a Baskin and Robins which was handing out free ice creams!! Just kidding sadly.


My recommendation for accommodation would be the Beachside Caravan park.  What makes this park so good is its massive pool, its kids club, playground area (one of Lou’s favourites) and access to the walk I mentioned earlier which goes all the way along it. Mum and I walked along this path in the morning.  If you walk long enough, you reach the surf beach which looked very inviting although we decided not to swim in it, you might want to give it a try.


Another thing we did and really enjoyed was a visit to the cinema (that was looking very well kept indeed) to see Instant Family which was a movie about adoption and raising kids who where badly treated by their parents. During the trip we noticed that all around the city they had painted koala statues that you must’ve had to spot or something, but we weren’t interested. All and all it was a great spot to stay at and I would definitely come back to visit or maybe even consider moving there.

More rocks.



  1. Hey Tim, good writing I enjoyed. My mum grew up in a small little town just outside if Port Macquarie called Gum Scrub! Funny name hey! She went to boarding school in Port Macquarie.


  2. Well done Timmy xx look out Danny you may lose your blog job lol I loved Port Macquarie too it was pretty and I did enjoy the painted Koalas. (I saw them in 2014 so how are they holding up??) Can’t wait to see the next blog and see what you think of Eden.
    Love Kazza xxx


  3. I must be blind. I was there in December and i didn’t see any koalas, painted or otherwise! The park and beach are very nice though. Hope you’re getting credits towards school work for you blogs Tim, good work!


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