Curra-whatever (near not nervous Jervis Bay)

Pre dawn colours
Looking towards the one shop at Currarong

An hour and half took us to Currarong Beach (hard to say that name after being used to words like currawong which slide off the tongue in a much easier way). It is on the peninsular that makes up the northern side of Jervis Bay. It is a very small village with just this one caravan park and one general store. It is, ummm, I’m looking for another word, as I am sick of saying ‘gorgeous’ and ‘lovely,’ perhaps I’ll say picturesque as I haven’t overused that one yet.

Set up backing onto water area
Bye bye giant ball of incandescent gas

Item number one this place has a water play area so the kids are happy. There’s mini golf and a basketball court but we haven’t got to them yet and leave for Narooma tomorrow, (3 hour drive), so the chances are looking slim.

Wet One

We went for a swim at the local beach slash rockpools after we had parked (took about 6 attempts but I don’t mind the practice) and set up. Water is crystal clear and refreshing (Tim says freezing). We put the googles on and had a great time  looking  at the schools of fish and splashing about.

Abrahams Bosom Beach

Next day we did a walk along the headland that the reception lady told us about. It starts from the carpark at Abrahams Bosom Creek (I kid you not). It has a picturesque (I’m sticking with that one for this post so be prepared) little cove and beach, a ship wreck, a scary inlet and an amazing tunnel you crabwalk along to get to an edgy cliff. We took bribes and instituted a system that minimised the whinging (big smiley face).

Abrahams Bosom Creek (up the other end of his bosom’s beach
Get wrecked SS Merimbula style
ship wreck rescue
Steps to Lobster Bay
Gosands Tunnel. It leads out to a cliff edge
Mouth of the tunnel
Cliff edge
He’s flat out and he’s drinking – So that’s what they mean?
Mermaid inlet with my fat finger in the corner- great. No mermaids to be seen.
Aboriginal shelter

I spent the afternoon taking a peek at Jervis Bay proper and the beaches there. How picturesquey were they? -best was Hyams Beach, that is said to have the whitest sand in the universe. Look at the picture see what you think. By way you pro-nounce-iate it JAR_VIS bay not Jervis that rhymes with nervous. Like the QLD equivalent Hervey Bay which isn’t rhyming with nervy either or eye-the.

Huskisson Beach Jervis Bay
Hyams Beach. Whitest sand makes the racists more comfortable
Close up of the whitest sand EVER (apparently)

Big drive tomorrow so we may do some driver swapping and leg stretching on our way to Narooma.

Beach next door early AM
Left over pic from our mini golf game at Wollongong. I won’t say who won as I’ll sound like a show off.


  1. How picturesque are all of those pics lol You will probably find the beaches a lot more clear and nice sand too as you go south. Enjoying the pics and blog and glad to see you are still fighting off the whinging lol
    Kazza xxx


  2. Gorgeous pictures & great blogging from you & Timmy. Seems to be a lot of smiles happening. Hope you’re starting to chill & enjoy your adventure. xoxoxoxo


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