Bang a Gong

Awning up the second day too. It was very windy
Storm brewing over Es carp ment

Bang a gong we are on! Three points if you can tell me where that quote is from. Got to Wollongong after a two and half hour drive that skirted Sydney’s western suburbs. We have already finished our talking book – ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ that cousin Siobhan shared with us. Thanks for that, we all liked it and it made the trip a little less ’are we there yet’ saturated.

Sun scarpering behind Scarpment
Main beach
afternoon on our beach. Why would you bother walking 60 meters to see this rubbish?

We went for a local drive and saw the obligatory lighthouse and then found a little park by an inlet with a good playground which the kids enjoyed until a nasty thunderstorm came over. The Gong is surrounded by a good old fashioned Aussie escarpment (Q. What’s a spot with no escarpment? A. No spot at all). And the lightning show as the storm came across it was amazing.

lighthouse – wall?

However when we got back to the van the awning was flapping like a pelican caught in a fish and chip shop. I said “she’ll be right” but it didn’t take long to understand that she wouldn’t. Monja and I wrestled the awning in whilst being harangued by strong winds and pelting rain. Not good, scary in fact, but no damage was sustained. Holding on to metal struts is not my favourite thing to do when there’s full on fork lightning about.

Morning on our beach

There’s a pool and spa here so the kids are thumbs up. There is a beach 60 meters away, beautiful beach, but only one of them saw it for 5 minutes. I always though that the beauty of nature was something that touched us humans deep in our being, maybe it deepends (serendipitous spelling mistake) on how many gigabytes you have left on your plan.

Can you hear them singing? “I ran. I ran so far away”
couldn’t get away
wouldn’t that one on the left feel wet all the time?
Looking south to the Gong

We did a quick trip to the Kiama Blowhole. Who could resist  the misted, bellowing attractions of a blowhole? Certainly not us. Although as I parked the car not six meters away from a small set of steps leading to the said natural wonder, one of the peanut gallery was heard to say “who cares about a silly blowhole” this statement closely followed by “what is a blowhole anyway”. Ah the joys of exploring new landscapes.  Kiama is a postcard perfect little place. So green and deep blue. But what’s the point? I’ve seen green and blue before. Why didn’t we just stay in the van searching for the latest cat videos on youtube and working out ways to get more lollies and ice-cream? Oops sorry I was channelling there for a minute.

Money shot of the Kiama Blowhole
That’s the cave that make the hole blow

We are starting to feel the Spirit of Tassie ferry trip timeline breathing down our neck so sat down with a $2 calendar, three maps of various sizes and the Wikicamps app and nutted out AND booked every day until we get on the ferry on the night of the 24th Feb. Most driving days are about two and half to three hours and each stop is a two nighter except for the 4 day stay at Melbourne before we board. So we are happy to have a few certainties for a while.

We have a plan
It’s a blowhole- big deal

Will I post for each spot? I have a lot (I am talking stacks) of unfinished crosswords so it’ll be a fight between them and posting and hopefully a bit of fishing. You’ll find out which wins soon enough.

Lou tripped and scratched her knee. She wanted an ambulance but I just made the minions noise. EEEhh Awwww EEEhh Awwww (not funny Daddy)


  1. Hey travellers, I was going to live in Kiama but the man I was going to live with put me off!! I realised it was Kiama I liked…. not him lol There are actually 2 blowholes in Kiama and believe it or not the other one is smaller but gives a higher spectacular show. You will love Eden it is so pretty. There is a whale museum and the whole town is cute. Thanks for sharing your great trip xxx Kazz


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