Daly Waters pub caravan lot

Time is running out on us so our plan was to high tail it down the middle of the NT and screech left at the Threeways and get back to Queensland so that we could squeeze FNQ in before we had to get home. Our first stop was at Daly Waters. It’s a pub. Apparently you have to have a dinner there if you are wanting the full outback experience.

daly waters frog named Keith. Sooo cute
We had to go in
Classic stuff on the wall everywhere pub staffed by backpackers. All outback spots are staffed by backpackers.

Adult sized (and priced) chicken parmy for big Tim

Our next stop just before the left turn was Banka Banka Station. Lovely little place that lots of people overnight at. They had a few animals and a waterhole you could walk to. Songs round the campfire at night too.

Eeyore the bitey donkey
Betsy the sweet cow
Whats an outback station without a few car bodies.
Interesting rocks on the waterhole walk
Waterhole. Not quite up to Bitter Springs standard but full of tiny fish.
Grevillea Flower.

We drove about 520 kms and in doing so crossed back into our home state and spent a night in Camooweal at the back of the pub. I only have two photos and they’re both taken inside the van. So sorry to anyone who was keen to see the sites of Camooweal. They do have a drovers heritage center there that we drove past, so that’s kinda fitting I suppose.

Tim wearing Monja’s glasses again.
The moon through the skylight above the bed

After 462 kms today we are at Julia Creek and I finally have some phone reception so I am posting these up dates. We stopped by the Cloncurry Museum on the way. The town is very tidy and friendly but as yet I have not seen an actual creek. Tomorrow we have a short 200 km to Richmond so I can see some dino bones. Then maybe onto Hughenden. If we do stop there I will try to find Johnnie? Whalebone who whacked a friend of mine over the skull with a cane knife when they were both tots. That’s just how the yougun’s used to play back in the day.

These display cases were originally the ones in the old Queensland museum.
the quality and breath of the mineral sample they have is astounding. And you know how keen I am on rocks.
Burke & Wills tree stump…. pity it wasn’t edible

Julia Creek


  1. I loved Daly Waters. I had to stop at Huenden for a tyre replacement but the bastard sold me a tyre with a slit on the side!!!! Lucky I didn’t need to use it!!! Sorry, end of rant

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