Kakadu du du push pineapple shake the tree

Sunrise Yellow Water

I decided to give you a special earworm as the title of this post courtesy of Agadoo by Black Lace that faboulously artistic cutting edge band of the eighties. I just couldn’t think of what else to du du du, actually I am sure I could have but I just can’t resist reminding people of those finer things in life.

Listen to it i dare you
The heathens are at the gate

We had a relatively short little drive to our first Kakers stop of Jabiru (jabber jabber ruuu as Fred  Flintstone might call it), where we set up at the campground where you get your own ensuite. Monja was mighty impressed. I have to say that after having stopped at many different van parks and hearing the morning chorus that you do at shared facilities,  it was nice to not share for change. Anyway as much as I know you’d love more details I will move straight onto the morning cruise we did up the East Alligator River. The river is the border between Kakadu and Arnhem Land and is more like the murky rivers we’re used to as it is tidal.  We did a hour and a half and went upstream until we got to the freshwater and our guide (a local aboriginal guy) stopped at a special spot so that we could have a little walk around a billabong on the Arnhem Land side of the river. The amount of crocodiles warming themselves up on the sunny side of the river bank was absurd. Salties might’ve been close to extinct at some stage in the seventies but it seems they have made a full recovery.

East Alligator
Arnhem Land Escarpment in the distance
Our stop
Little girl in Arnhem Land

Down the road from the cruise spot was Ubirr, which is an astounding aboriginal art site. Amazing to contemplate that some of these sites have been occupied for 6000 years. We have been hoping to be able to show the kids some aboriginal art sites and I doubt they get much better than this.  

Ubirr – Rock art
Older style of painting

Lookout at Ubirr across the flood plains to Arnhem Land

The boat ramp where we had to meet the cruise at was very close to Cahill’s Crossing which is a very well known spot around these parts so we walked down there to spot the crocs all lined up to catch a barra or two as they swam over the crossing. We saw a couple of cars take the crossing too. A very tricky business which I wouldn’t even contemplate. There was a few people fishing but I didn’t see anyone catch anything.

Cahill’s Crossing, there were 8 crocs hanging around waiting for barra or a careless fisherman

Our next stop was at Cooinda. We stopped at another art site (Burrungkuy) and an interpretive centre on the way from Jabs. Our first morning there we took a dawn cruise on the Yellow Water billabong and then onto the upper part of the East Alligator River. We saw lots of animals, more crocs (of course) and some birds and four other boats full of tourists.  This tour included a free buffet breakfast back at the resort/caravan park….. that it made it a real winner.

Burrungkuy Galleries

Trying to dadge a tour group but still listen in on the information

Start of the sunrise cruise on Yellow Water and East Alligator River
Sea Eagles Betsy and Greg
Jabiru named Algenon
Felicity the lily leafed stroller
Ho Hum
Kingfisher named Regginald but everyone calls him Beaky
Green Bum ants They are evrywhere in the top end and their bums taste like intense but fake lime

We spent the next day doing a day trip to Maguk, which is another waterfall and pool. We went to the upper pools first and had a great time before too many people got there and then went down to the big pool at the bottom of the falls, beautiful and brimming with stacks of visitors. The road into this place was the worse one for corrugations ever and I think we all needed an hour to stop shaking afterwards,  (and contemplate that $100 I just spent getting the wheel alignment done at Darwin).

Upper pools Maguk, You can see down to the lower one on the upper right of the photo
Slippery rocks but no one fell YAY- first time ever
There is a waterfall to swim up to along here
That’s a huge drop down to that pool.

Guy enjoying his short existence philosophically meditating on a rock

Next stop is in Edith Falls at Nitmiluk National Park about 50km north of Katrherine.


  1. WOW I didn’t get to du du Kakadu!!!! OMG now I have that bloody pineapple song stuck in my head grrrr!!! lol
    Great pools to swim in. There seem to be lots and lots of steps…. YUCK!!!
    Kazza xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant photos again Mr Martin! Cahill’s Crossing is legendary for it’s ill-advised crossing attempts – love to have been there to bathe (metaphorically!) in it’s death defying atmosphere and seductive lure…

    The rock art looks brilliant – I’ve shown photos and videos of most of those photographed by you lot via the screen at school, but to be there in person must be a, dare I say it, awesome treat! To come back with that sort of first hand experience – as with most of your journey – is really quite amazing.

    Loving it as always!

    Liked by 1 person

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