What an Esperience

For sure

Esperance certainly was a worthwhile experience. This stop was a good chance to regroup after the Nullabour. Our site was right next to the jumping pillow for the kids so they got some exercise. I managed to replace the tubes of both my bike tyres after they were skewered to death by those nasty three cornered thorns at Fraser Range Station. And I had my broken crown patched at the dentist, although I can’t say that my teeth dramas are all over, let’s just say I can eat completely comfortably on one side and sort of comfortably on the other.

Two tugs push around a tanker
The Jetty preservation people stopped it being pulled down but doesn’t look like that had the money to keep it intact
Our site at Pink Lake Van Park

We did a tourist drive along the coast the second day and saw some of the amazing coastline nearby. It was a 30 km loop that brought you back via Pink Lake that is now kind of brown because of development and salt harvesting. In the carpark there, they have a sign that has a picture of what it looked like back in the seventies when it really was pink, so you don’t feel too ripped off. It could easily be remedied with a few barrels of cochineal.

looking east from West Beach
Looking west from West Beach
Note Tim’s look
This is how you end up when you don’t listen to Mum’s advice re jumpers
Cool surfy riding backwards on surf seat
Surf bunnies
There was a lookout here
Tim looks grumpy because Monja has just squeezed the happiness out of him.
Entertainment plus from the little girl who loves to walk up to lookouts
Monja sucks the last vestige of joy from the poor little fella. He was smiling radiantly up until this
more beaches. Forgotten the names completely
Up close at a wind farm

We took the kids out to the movies to see Detective Pikachu one night and allowed them to spend some of their own money on Macca’s so they could feel all civilised and exploited again.  They also found a clutch (or perhaps a cuteness might be a better collective noun) of tiny puppies at souvenir/gift shop in town. Photos tell that story, another animal highlight for them.

Solar powered, compacting rubbish bins. I want one.
Puppy overload

We ran into another travelling family that we crossed paths with at Eucla and Fraser Range. They told us they were headed for a place east of Esperance in the Cape Le Grand national Park, called Lucky Bay.  So we decided to give it go too even though it was sort of in the wrong direction. And that’s what you’ll see next…..

Playground fun with a new friend.. you can’t see her but I promise she’s there. They had a ball.


  1. Beautiful places.
    I heard on Radio National last night that apparently parents travelling around Australia with their children is beginning to take over the grey nomads.
    You’re onto the thing to do! The kids will be happy to hear that!!! Some go for up to 3 & 5 years I think I heard.
    As one interviewee said it’s not all fun & games but a fantastic educational experience for everyone. So glad to hear you’ve met another nice travelling family. Enjoy the company😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some more beautiful photos, Martins, AND a solar compacting bin experience! I’m gonna google that! I’m glad it’s going well and that Tim has kept his sense of humour – I hope the dental issues don’t flare up again.


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