Morning on the Murray at the caravan park

We threw out every last scrap of fruit and vegies we had and crossed the border into South Fruit Fly Free Australia. Turns out, (according to the guy at the quarantine gate), that we could have kept all the things we chucked into the fruit fly infested bins at the border (carrots cumbers are ok). Renmark was our first stop in the gnat free state. And it was a great way to start. We stayed at a Big 4 park on the Murray so we had the river, a waterpark, a pool and a jumping pillow (and way too many ducks crapping everywhere [no one says ‘you’re ducko’ anymore…shame]).

The weather was brilliant again although those five degree mornings tested your ability to layer up on the clothing. The kids spent lots of time in the waterpark and pool. We had three nights there so could do a bit of investigating on the bikes. We even got the stand up paddle board wet.

A different type of paddle steaming
Special lookout just outside Renmark. Heading Cliffs .
Strange woman who greets you at Cammies 2nd hand shop at Paringa. Amazing place they should charge to enter. Just as good or better than a few local museums we’ve been too. And nice and chaotic without being claustrophobic.

The night before we left Tim started to excrete liquid from both ends. It was like he was melting from the inside. Poor guy. Monja took him to Berri hospital because we really didn’t know what to do. They gave him something to settle his stomach and he got to have a rest in a full sized bed. He had stopped the hot and cold sweats and convulsing by the next morning and as it was the first weekend of the SA school holidays the park was filling up and we didn’t have the option to stay. So like the brave little trooper he is, he got in the car without whinging and made the trip to Adelaide without spilling any bodily fluids. 

before the fall
Full size bed…. but the pain he had to go through to get to it.


  1. POOR TIMMY I can imagine how this changed the feeling of travelling!!!! Glad to see he soldiered on, what a champ xxxx The Murray River looks nice from the top, however, due to being downstream of Victoria and NSW it gets rather grubby with all that gets put into it along the way. That is why SA water is so hard. Apparently though it makes good beer so I spose that is one benefit lol
    Happy travels xxxx
    Kazz xxx

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  2. Onya, Tim! Someone’s got to get sick every now and then, to let everybody else appreciate being not sick! I’m sure he’s well and truly cured by this time (Since I’m going through the blog almost a month late!). Gorgeous photo of the girls! V prof!


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