Hay You

The Murrumbidgee at Hay. It’s quite wide here so they should call it the Murrum-biggie.

Our last meeting with the Murrumbidgee before we both headed for the Murray was Hay. There’s a lot of flat brown land around Hay, but hey, we won’t hold that against it. It has it’s own charms.

The caravan park had a pool so the kids could swim, which they did once. The days were (and still are) clear and warm, but at night the temperature has been dropping.

Making friends
Old Hay train station now turned into a sort of museum. tim is not as grumpy as he looks (usually)

I did a bit of riding around as there were some great paths along the river.

We went into ‘Shear Outback’, the shearers hall of fame and saw a guy shear a sheep.

We have had some long driving days to get across this mostly empty flat part of the country, but it has been very an eye opener to see such long flat dusty stretches of country.

Tante Oma – we found your street (with the wrong spelling)

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  1. Hi guys, yes the next stretch is VERY BORING but I hope you can keep the morale high along the way. Looking forward to hearing the next blogg.
    Kazza xxxx

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