Waratah ta

Waratah Falls
A REAL LIVE PLATYPUS!! There were lots of them! And just beside where we were camped.

Waratah was down the guts and the closest that we could get to Cradle Mountian.

We did the Dove Lake Circuit at the national Park.

Landscape amazing

Thar she blows
Cute German tourist at Cradle Mountain

too much for words

our one wildlife spotting on the walk -snake

in other words-to lazy to write more

you had to be there truly

it is another world – just like this one but more scenic and with added wombat poo.


  1. I love love love seeing Platypusesss in the wild they are great aren’t they? Funny seeing you all wearing jumpers lol xx Good work again x
    Kazza xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • We did the Dove Lake circuit. Two and a half hours. When I get back to Brisbane we’ll start organising a serious walk and do the overland track to Lake Sinclair. There’s you and me, who else would be in?


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