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I’ve both seen and heard people rave about this “van life” but it is not what it seems. You try to stay cooped up in a small confined space with family members. It’s hard!! Here are some tips for your (and others) sanity.

Tip No.1: Happy place. The best possible thing you can do to help your sanity is find your happy place, whether that be a park under some shade watching YouTube or in the reception reading a book, there is almost always a spot where you can be on your own to enjoy some ‘me’ time. (Pro Tip: council parks = free wifi)

Tip No.2: Bedding. Caravan beds suck. They are almost never comfortable. I can tell you first hand  that the queen bed is really springy and the bunk beds are both hard as a rock and as narrow as a (insert something narrow here). If you are looking into a swag or a mattress topper you’ve got the right idea. I got a memory foam one for my bunk and it is really a lot better.

Tip No.3:  Don’t argue or have fights. This is going to be a pretty quick one because it’s kind of self-explanatory but your sanity depends on it. Don’t fight. It’s only going to make it harder for the both of you. It’s hard to have a good time fighting with your sister. Take it from me first hand.

Day at Sydney

Soap Opera ( Minus soap – Plus house- Get it?) = Opera House

The theater that was named after the dead person I can’t remember

Today we got up early to get on the bus to head to Sydney for a day trip. We arrived at the Sydney Opera house at about 8:50 for a 9:30 tour. All around the city there were inflatable animals for the Luna festival including a dog, a dragon, some bunny rabbits, a tiger and some monkeys. They were bright, colorful and massive. When you saw one you would want to run up and launch yourself right into it.

Harbour Bridge + The ferry

 Anyway when we ended up doing our tour, Thomas, (our tour guide) had a microphone and we all wore headphones so we could hear him better. Believe it or not it was actually a lot easier to go around and you got a lot more information than you usually receive as a tourist.

Wired for sound

 After we finished our tour we took a ferry over to Watsons Bay which funnily enough did not have a neighbouring village/town called Sherlocks Bay. Pity. Anyway when we arrived at Watsons Bay we started heading to a look out on top of the massive hill that the wharf was at the bottom of. We then headed off to lunch because by then we were all starving. We found two places right next to the look out called Watson’s eatery and the Tucker bar so we compared the two places on Zomato and Watson’s eatery had one bad review and the Tucker bar didn’t even have any reviews so we took a risk and had lunch at the tucker bar. It was delicious! The kids size pizza was probably enough to feed about 3 people.

Wat? sons? – Bay lookout ha ha i’m not funny 😦
Here’s dad looking hangry.


    • Vanning is more room and easier to set up but is a pain to tow. Camping is easier to drive around with but harder to set up. I prefer the van personally but I’ve never gone camping. So I can’t really have a proper opinion but I would imagine the van is easier.

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  1. Absolutely loved your blog Timmy. Sounds like you are having so many great experiences despite the arguments with your sister & hard beds! I used to drive my brother crazy at your age, it was pretty much my main purpose in life. Better to rise above and just try & get on I suppose. Loved the inflatable animals, they were huge! Say hi to all the family, I miss your Mum lots. Happy & safe travels, and keep blogging, love getting your perspective on “van life”!

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  2. Hi Timmy.
    Your not only a fabulous reader but a very mature & amusing writer.
    Thanks to you & dad for all your wonderful blogs.
    Hope you’re all enjoying your travels together despite the cramped conditions.
    Happy travelling!
    Love to you all xxxx


  3. I’ve got to say I enjoyed tim’s blog not because I’ve got to say it but cos I actually did. Be happy to read more tim, it’s always good to see things from others prospective – let’s face it you’ve got to have an opinion and I want to hear it! You’re own space is important, sisters can be very irritating and parents have no idea 💡 Believe it or not – this is a normal family. Make the most of it and enjoy what you can. It’s an adventure!!!!


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