Forster Care?

lake somethingorother

We said seeya to Port Macquarie on Monday morning and a had reasonably short drive along the highway towards Foster Tuncurry. We did stop at a place called Johns River for a coffee and of course when you do that you have to buy cake and then you have to get something for the smaller people who don’t drink coffee but feel that life would be unfair and unbearable if they didn’t get some sort of treat. We left the highway and  turned off onto the scenic drive that took us through Booti Booti national park. Before we knew it we were reading the welcome to Forster Tuncurry sign.

What the bare feet in the depths of the lake
Lots of space at this park.

There are a few questions to be asked about this twin town place. One— Why is it called Forster Tuncurry and not Tuncurry Forster? That seems a bit Tuncurryist to me. Which side of the lake has the nice tree lined walk? Forster. Which side has the classy resorts? Forster. Which side has the scenic little estuary with the cafes and the boat hire places? Forster! Those Tuncurryites never stood a chance. You also call it Foster!? So it even gets an extra r that it doesn’t really need or want. Where’s the fairness?

The park we are at is on the shores of a lake as this part of New South Wales is known as the great lakes (the scenic drive is even called the ‘Lakes Way’). Look, I don’t want to put anyone down, especially when it’s not even state of origin time, but this particular lake is less than great from my limited experience. The shore is thickly lined with dead weed and grass under which lies grey sand that is whelk infested, so when you walk out into the water, which is not deep enough to go over your knees 200 metres out, you get the prickly little buggers in you sandals. That said you can see by the photos it is a beautiful well protected place. 

Real retro oh so collectable $12 so tempting. What was our tea towel budget?

We went for a drive to Cape Hawke and went up to the lookout. This required all participants to ascend more than 400 steps (Monja looked it up) then climb a tower to the lookout at the end. This time we were prepared with a certain chocolate coated nut treat. An encouragement award (read bribe) was offered at 50 steps per nut and agreed upon at that rate. One of the bribees decided he would save his reward for the end and so that’s what happened across the board—and what do you know— we all walked up there happily without complaint. Amazing view.

Kings of the castle not the dirty rascals
looking towards Forester from Cape Hawke (The Cookster named the place so he must’ve known so bigwig called Hawke. That’s as far as my history goes.
Walk sit scratch snack repeat

We then crossed the divide to slum it at the Tuncurry Rockpool. It’s a lovely little netted off area just inside the southern breakwall that is nice and calm. We had a swim and splash in the chilly water (we ain’t in Queensland anymore) and fended off numerous calls for fish and chips and other treats that we don’t have the budget for. That’s real family fun.

I had a few hours fishing in the afternoon and managed to catch a small flathead on this crazy bright green prawn lure– who would’ve guessed? It rained just a tiny bit yesterday but nothing too bad. This place is looking a lot greener than Tamworth that’s for sure.

Some guys swanning around acting cool

We are off to Port Stephens tomorrow. It’s a place that we have no idea about so it will a new experience for all of us.

I said to this guy “whadaya doin’ standing round like a shag on a rock’

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