Woolgoolga Round 2

We are on our last day at Woolgoolga. It has been a fantastic place to bring in the new year.  We have had some nice swims in the ocean and the creek that are very close to where we are staying. 

I have managed to catch a few small fish here, that has been fun and the amount of bait fish and schools of small whiting in the creek is amazing. Above is picture to show a tiny amount of the flathead lies there are here.

We went to the Woolgoolga beach side markets on Saturday. They were small but good and very relaxed. Kids had to get their sugar rush with iced syrup. We met up with the McManus family who were holidaying at nearby Emerald Beach. So we have been hanging out with them while we are here.

The next day we went to Sealys Lookout near Coffs Harbour to check out the views.

Coffs Harbour in the background

We went to Sherwood Nature reserve (Woolgoolga Creek Picnic area) the next day to go for a walk to a waterfall.

Upstream Woolgoolga creek

Next thing you know it was New Years Eve. So we all went out for a nice curry and then took ourselves down to the beach side fair and waited for the fireworks at 9:30.

Everything takes longer in a caravan. You go to sit outside to have a cup of coffee and read the paper and it just seems to be a lot of palaver. Oh I’ve got to clean the aero press -oops I forgot my glasses now I have to get my way back in take off my thongs and find where the glasses are. Oops I spilled some coffee because the tables so wobbly. Oh no my darling children have turned into grumpy whingers who say “I’ll just stay in the car as soon as you stop somewhere to see the view or go for a walk. You politely remind them that we didn’t just travel near 1000 kms so that they could see and experience the inside of the car. Smile through gritted teeth.


Quandong seed

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  1. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from Col and me!!! All sounds such great fun Danny. Love it that you are catching fish! We just got back from 7 days of Woodford – still feeling like hippies but just not so smelly anymore.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m telling you what to do but ….don’t worry about the kids! I reckon they’ll get into the groove the further you get away from the familiar – people, tech and sights. If you have the chance to stop somewhere isolated for a while and relax, to let them get really bored so they have to make their own fun – finding a walk or civilisation to explore might become more of a highlight. We found bush skills – like making fires, diverting creeks and cooking damper some of the best ways to connect with the kids when travelling.


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