Yamba dabba doo

We got to Yamba about midday Friday which was more or less what we hoped for. We used a couple of the rest stops on the way which are a very good idea as it is amazing how much better you can feel after just ten minutes with your eyes shut in an air-conditioned car.

I love the navigation system in the car, it is my best friend. You want to know why? Because every time I am asked the inevitable and oft repeated question ‘how long until we get there’ from the chorus in the back seat I can just look on the screen and say things like 2hours and 17 minutes.  Mind you whenever I am asked that question I just say any time that comes into my head as small people with a tenuous grasp on the concept of time and no watches can’t check your figures anyway. 

We spent most of Friday afternoon with me trying to park the van in just the right spot (took about 11 attempts and Tim not happy). Then we set up and everything, seems to be still working for now so fingers crossed. We finished the day with a swim in the pool (which unfortunately was heated– like swimming in soup) and drove to the Yamba Shores Tavern for a bistro meal. Too exhausted to cook.

We spent Saturday doing set up shopping and looking for a replacement trailer mate so that we have one that isn’t the same shape as a banana. Kids jumped on the giant pillow and played at the Big 4 water park. Finished by going to the Yamba cinema, (which is quaint beyond belief) and watching the latest installment of Spiderman. A hero even though he wears a onesie.

I got up early Sunday and went to the caravan park’s boat ramp to fish, which was quite nice at sunrise here, but the fish didn’t think so. Eventually I moved on to another spot where I finally caught a bream that I got onto  the barbecue so fast it was almost still flapping. It’s amazing how much better really fresh fish tastes.

Sunday ended up being busy as we had my sister Rita visit on her way to a friends place at Port Macquarie and friends from Byron (Jesika & Andrew) also came to visit for lunch. 

We hired some of these pedal carts they have here and Lou has become an 8 yr old rally driver. Lots of fun and now she has a story about how she played chicken with  a Prado.

We went down to the beach in the afternoon and had a nice little explore. Lots of rock pools.

Monday we hired a BBQ boat using a voucher that Amanda & Craig gave us as a gift (so lets add them to our sponsors list)  We went out onto the river and I tried to catch a fish. But the stand outs of the morning was the small group of dolphins that put on a great show for us with splashing and jumping… all for free.  I hope SeaWorld don’t find out and sue them for impinging on their target market.

I made everyone take a drive to Angourie after we finished (because I had the keys and the steering wheel). It is a great little place and even though I thought I had never been there I seemed to remember bits of it when I saw it. Hopefully we’ll get back there and there’ll be some photos.

We’ve all settled into a delightful routine here when we have nice outings.  Everyone knows their lines—Tim has to say— I’m bored; Lou says—Are there any snacks; Monja just smiles no matter how much she’d rather be sitting somewhere shady and chillin: I say—I’m okay, we’re okay; this will be so much fun in hindsight. I hope we can stave off disaster.


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