Cleaning/ Preparing

Why do people collect so much useless stuff?  We have been been clearing out the house in preparation for our tenants and have thus been uncovering the amazing amount of leftover crap that is in every nook and cranny of the house. Why did we keep it in the first place? Was it one of those gifts that you can’t very well throw out until an adequate amount of time has passed? Or was it one of those thoughts like; well you never know when you might need this broken totem tennis set for parts or something. But you know what, when you just collect more and more stuff you can’t find anything when you might actually need it because it is hidden so deeply by your other stuff that you will spend 2 hours looking for something you know you have, then throw your hands in the air, have a little cry and go down the shops and buy another one out of pure frustration. Great! Now you’ve got even more stuff. Check out the trove below.

Thing is we’ve already thrown out tons and tons of stuff. Enough to fill a medium size skip and there’s still so much to go. I didn’t even start to tell you about the workshop and garden shed. At least you can walk into both of them now and search for stuff.

Oh so handy I am

I had a great idea to fix the silly hand basin drain hole that always clogs up. I wanted the house to be in tip top condition. So I had this fancy idea that I would take out the trap under the basin, hose the living daylights out of it and it would then be uncloggable for at least six to seven months. It should just unscrew easily and although you may end up splashing a little bit of water around, you can really get at it then. Turns out the drain was made of a special type of metal that had all the superior strength of a stale biscuit.

I managed to get someone in the next day who had a better attitude than me and fixed it without swearing once.

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