Tim’s Fourth Blog

How to Entertain Yourself in The Car When   Travelling

Feeling bored in the car? Don’t know what to do? Well I have the solution for you! (No rhymes intended).

  1. The obvious thing to do is look at the country side but that can get a bit boring. Whenever there are barricades as there is on the freeways, try to imagine a ball bouncing in the middle of every 2 posts. It sounds weird but if you’re really bored it can help. It gives you something to do and doesn’t take any effort to do and it is something that once you do it takes a bit of effort to stop.

2. MUSIC: Kinda self-explanatory not gonna lie. When I listen to music I find that when I listen to music I listen to music. Sorry. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. Don’t know what to write here so let’s get on to no. 3.

  • Talk to people about where your going next and what you have planned for this stop. (eg. Does it have a pool? How long are we staying?). This just gives you something to do and also lets you get a bit more information about the place that you are going.
  • If you are attempting no: 3 and they look like there going to bite your head off, try looking up the website of the place, then finding out the information for yourself. How it helps and/or entertains you? Read No. 3


  1. Well done Timmy xx Have you done any of the puzzles I made you? That’s why I have them for you xx Keep up the good work x
    Kazza xx


  2. I have a suggestion for Tim and louella. I’d like to see them both write a blog and educate us older folk on the process. The topic? How to entertain your kids without using electronics. I’m sure they both have some great ideas which would give us all a little insight into how the young mind works. It’s so long ago I’ve forgotten what I used to think of and would love to hear some more thoughts from their generation! Stay happy 😊 😁


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