Dorrigo -a-go-go

It’s called Waterfall Way and from Bellingen to Dorrigo you actually drive past 2 waterfalls that go under the road.
the top of the escarpment

We left Woolgoolga and drove down the highway past Coffs for about an hour and took the turn off to Bellingen and then up the mountain to Dorrigo which lies on a plateau. They use the word escarpment freely around here, it has a nice sound to it. Makes it sound steep, which it is. And the road up the mountain is as windy as a ball of yarn.

Looking across the road from where we are staying

The Dorrigo Holiday Park has some very friendly people in charge and has a very quaint old time look about the cabins and such. The site we chose was shaded by a huge tree with ferns and moss growing from the trunk.

Dawn on the plateau. Can you see her -there by the telegraph pole.

We went to Dangar falls the first day and they have to be the largest falls I have been to. Tons and water and spray within a huge deep swimming hole. It was fairly busy, but not so busy you couldn’t find a park and a place to enter the water.

Whale in the creek!

There are more national parks than you could throw a joey at around here. We went to the Dorrigo national Park Skywalk. Looking down on the canopy of a rainforest is always special and it is so hard to believe how high the trees grow.

We went on a short walk from the info centre and saw a bower bird tending its bower with blue things everywhere AND on the way back, saw a Lyrebird hen in the undergrowth. I have been dreaming of seeing these two birds for years. Couldn’t get any good shots so sorry about that, but it’s never the same as seeing them live. The same with the scenery, I know it’s a cliché but the camera does not do it justice.

Lots of lovely tree ferns around here
There really was a bower bird.

We went to Bellingen after our walk to check it out.

Funny old shop at Bellingen. Great little town

Decided to push the envelope the next day with a circuit walk in Dorrigo national park – the ‘Wonga Walk.’ Beautiful rainforest another Lyre bird.

determined and enthusiastic bush walkers.
waterfall 1
Waterfall 2
actually got a wildlife pic
who’s behind the Dorrigo tea towel

More early morning pics. it has been surprisingly chilly in the mornings here.


  1. Dorrigo looks very beautiful. We must go one day! So glad you have found some quality tea-towels too. Your photos are just gorgeous and you and Monja looker younger and freer already! And geez that smoke salmon has made me peckish. Wishing you more safe and happy travels xxx Amanda & Craig xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful waterfalls and great photos. Really enjoying the blog and following your adventures. It’s a lovely part of the world around there. A bit jealous of the lunch. Enjoy your travels!

    Liked by 1 person

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